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Hwasook Lee is a licensed Doctor of Acupuncture. Originally from South Korea, Dr. Lee earned her Bachelor's degree at Catholic University of Daegu College of Pharmancy and began her career working as a pharmacist. For two years, Dr. Lee worked in a hospital pharmacy. She left this position to develop her personal community pharmacy, providing accessible and supportive treatment to individuals. After five years practicing in community pharmacy, Dr. Lee moved to the United States where she began graduate work in Arizona. She pursued and completed her Master's degree from the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with a certification as a Tuina (Chinese medical body massage) practitioner and herbalist. 


Many practitioners have defining experiences that create a desire to change health systems for the better. For Dr. Lee, the defining experience was when she was working as a pharmacist. Dr. Lee observed patients on ten to twenty medications with continued symptoms and a decreased ability to enjoy life fully. It was through these experiences Dr. Lee knew there had to be a way to provide patients with more sustainable health and well-being. 


As an integrative acupuncturist, Dr. Lee combines her background knowledge in pharmacy and expertise in acupuncture to help patients live better, improve health and well-being based on lifestyle, genetic, environmental sensitivities, and other factors.


Dr. Lee personalizes herbal and nutritional supplements protocol for each patients using various tests such as Hair Tissue Analysis, Saliva Test, Food Sensitivity Test, Stool Test, and Gluten Sensitivity Test.


She strongly believes that mind, body, and spirit deserve equal attention as their interconnection influences both health and illness.


Dr. Lee strives to live a life of well-being. She practices yoga on a regular basis at All That Matters in Wakefield, RI and participates in meditation practice at The Providence Zen Center in Cumberland.



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